Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vintage Glider Is Gliding into a New Century

Redid a old glider from the Bunting Company of Pittsburgh, PA.  The poor thing was a little run down and needed some help.  Sand blasting, powder coating, new straps and hardware has made her glide into the new century.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's been awhile since I have posted anything on this blog.  Life keeps getting in the way, which is good, the alternative wouldn't be.  Painted a 9 drawer dresser in a new color for me by Miss Mustard Seed called dried lavender.  It gave this sleek, clean line dresser a updated look.  After stripping the top decided to keep it natural, just finished it off with a couple coats of hemp oil.   Love the feel of it!

                                                  It's now ready for a new home.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

CaN't WAit

Monday is the start of Creative Chemistry 102 taught by Tim Holtz.  Learned so much about inks in Creative Chemistry 101 last year that have really come in handy since then.  Can't wait for the start of class, never thought I would say that!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finished this dining room set, 6 chairs and one leaf.  Did a paint detail on the tabletop, gave it a different look.  After I had painted it, didn't like it so repainted, didn't like that so repainted it again.  Some days are just like that.
Got to play today, made a pumpkin jack o' lantern box.  Saw one on Shelly Hickox web-site StampTramp, she is one very talented lady.  Didn't turn out so bad for a first try and was fun to make.  Also made a haunted house using a SVG file, lots of pieces to cut but will look cute with some little tea lights lighting it up.

Till next time...

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Hands Are Starting To Cramp

Working on furniture like a mad woman, made it through the last Sensational Saturday.  Gearing up for the annual Fall Festival that starts this Saturday.  Planning on taking a dining room table and six caned back chairs and some other goodies.  Here's some photos of furniture from the last Sensational Saturday.  First is a very rustic table top desk piece, didn't really have any pieces for it to sit on so made a simple table for it using some porch posts cut down to size for the legs.
Had a hole in the back of it above the drawer on the bottom right of the photo.  Out came my stash of old ceiling tin to the rescue, chippy and aged just like the rest of the paint.
The second piece has been in my building for months waiting it's turn.  Found the top piece at a flea market painted up like you see, I think someone ran out of spray paint on it and just used whatever on it.  I liked the colors together so just went with it, painted a sofa table of all things to go with it.  Hey it fit and it sold to a woman wanting to use it to display jams and jellies on.  Would work great for that use.  By the way her name was Peaches, no really!
                            Can you tell our theme this time was beach and cabin decor?
Found this last item at my favorite place to visit in Southern Missouri, oh what Treasures she has.  She was holding a garage sale in the back alley and using this table for people to place their items on to get bagged up and pay.  Made her an offer and brought it home with me.  Didn't last no time in the shop. Had the neatest chippy green paint on it, if you can call chippy neat.

                                                            Till next time, Peggy

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Break Down Wardrobe That Just About Broke Me Down

Finished a break down, break away, knockdown wardrobe for Sensational Saturday.  Sensational Saturday is held once a month and features all new items that we find for that months theme.  This wardrobe had a thin veneer that was loose in spots, or missing altogether so out came the paint.  A break down will do just that break down, this one folds down into 7 pieces.  Real early ones came across the prairies in covered wagons.  I think this one is probably from the 1940's, had shelves on one side behind the door that were missing.  Behind the other two doors is where you would hang your clothing.  Had to paint, distress and seal all 7 pieces one by one to be able to get to all the nooks and crannies.  Here she is all painted up with a vintage lace curtain behind her center door.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Working, Working, Working

Have been working on a couple kitchen cabinets to take up to my antique booth to sell.  The first is a pie safe cabinet that really just needed a good cleaning.

                                           Going to use it to display old quilts until it sells.
The second piece is a two piece cabinet with two glass doors on the top.  The glass is original to the piece and is so wavy when it catches the light just so.  Decided to give Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint another try on this one.  Felt like it needed some color added to it, used Luckett's green.  Oh how I loved this color, has a real vintage look to it.
I used MinWax stain and sealer on the entire cabinet including on top of the milk paint to make it more durable.  Loved how the golden oak color of the stain made the milk paint look instantly aged.

 I bought this cabinet in pieces, it had already been stripped but the doors, hinges, handles and bread board were all laying inside the bottom piece.  The bottom piece had some thick yellow linoleum stuck to it and I mean stuck.  Had to get out the putty knife and pry the stuff off along with a lot of scrapping.

                       This picture is of it in place in front of my booth where I sell antiques.