Friday, April 26, 2013

Chippy Goodness

Bought this old dresser from a flea market in Southern Missouri last summer, it has sat in the garage gathering dust since then.  Ordered some Miss Mustard Seed milk paint after checking out her blog and others who use milk paint.  Then I went looking for my first victim, this poor old girl was it.  Had to replace some laminate on the top and recreate some of the carving on the back piece and then it was time to mix up some milk paint.  Got to say the first batch was way to runny and I didn't get a very good coverage.  Tried again with less water for the second coat, way better.  Was kind of surprised to find it distressing itself while it dried.  Yes, I watched the paint dry!  Wherever there was carving started to lift and then some places on the legs and around the jewelry box on top.  Took my paint can opener, which was handy and started to follow the carved areas.  The more I scraped off the better I liked it.   Turned out she wasn't a victim after all but a lucky piece that will live to see another day.