Monday, September 9, 2013

My Hands Are Starting To Cramp

Working on furniture like a mad woman, made it through the last Sensational Saturday.  Gearing up for the annual Fall Festival that starts this Saturday.  Planning on taking a dining room table and six caned back chairs and some other goodies.  Here's some photos of furniture from the last Sensational Saturday.  First is a very rustic table top desk piece, didn't really have any pieces for it to sit on so made a simple table for it using some porch posts cut down to size for the legs.
Had a hole in the back of it above the drawer on the bottom right of the photo.  Out came my stash of old ceiling tin to the rescue, chippy and aged just like the rest of the paint.
The second piece has been in my building for months waiting it's turn.  Found the top piece at a flea market painted up like you see, I think someone ran out of spray paint on it and just used whatever on it.  I liked the colors together so just went with it, painted a sofa table of all things to go with it.  Hey it fit and it sold to a woman wanting to use it to display jams and jellies on.  Would work great for that use.  By the way her name was Peaches, no really!
                            Can you tell our theme this time was beach and cabin decor?
Found this last item at my favorite place to visit in Southern Missouri, oh what Treasures she has.  She was holding a garage sale in the back alley and using this table for people to place their items on to get bagged up and pay.  Made her an offer and brought it home with me.  Didn't last no time in the shop. Had the neatest chippy green paint on it, if you can call chippy neat.

                                                            Till next time, Peggy

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